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Forex Broker is a company that provides investors and traders with access to the foreign exchange market, as well as CFD for oil, metals, indices and very popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can be included. Finding the right broker for you, among the huge number represented today, is sometimes a difficult task.

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1 $ 1:1000 1.6 FOREX, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum), ETF, Indices Open Account

1 $ 1:1000 1.3 FOREX, CFD, Gold, Silver Oil, Gas, Cryptocurrencies Open Account

Of course, you can choose a company on your own, first examine the websites of companies, trading conditions, probable bonuses when replenishing accounts, estimate the size of spreads for different instruments, but in any case, you will have to look for reviews from other traders and spend your time on it personally. The Forex Brokers Rating was created to help.

If you are already working with any of the forex brokers presented, leave feedback about your cooperation, thereby you can influence the choice of a newbie of this company, or help to refrain from Forex Broker services.

Forex Broker Rating

Forex Brokers are intermediaries, agents who make transactions on the exchange on behalf of their clients and at their expense. Brokers (companies with a brokerage license) have the exclusive right to conduct transactions on the stock exchange, that is, they are the only direct bidders on the stock exchange, providing their customers with trading terminals for making transactions on the stock exchange.

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Initially, there was an unorganized market, there were no stock exchanges, and there were problems in finding counterparties for transactions. Initially, brokers appeared in connection with the need of buyers who want to buy or sell shares to enter into forward transactions. In the absence of centralized marketplaces, this was difficult, there were frauds. At this time there were people who provided intermediary services: people who wanted to buy or sell something, they were looking for sellers or buyers of the desired goods, respectively. Such people began to be called brokers. Of course, they received a commission for their activities as a percentage of the transaction amount. Now you know who the brokers are, and on this page we have collected and prepared an independent Forex Broker Rating for traders.